Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Didn't Skip Halloween!

Even though it's already November and lots of blogworthy things have happened, I realized that I missed posting pictures of our Halloween festivities!

First Spiderman visited us and mowed our yard. Elliott was terrified and refused to go anywhere near the windows or doors the entire time!

Malachi entered a pumpkin in the decorating contest at school. He didn't win but now knows what to expect for next year!
I surprised Malachi by volunteering during the Halloween parade and carnival at school. He had to wear last year's costume because I (slacker mom!) hadn't put his costume for this year together yet! I was in charge of face painting during the carnival so I wasn't able to take any other pictures of him playing games and having fun.

Trick or Treat night - our little chipmunks! The costumes were Malachi's idea: he was Simon (the smart one), Elliott was Alvin (the one who always gets in trouble) and Jonas was Theodore (the one who wants to eat all the time)!

Our whole crew (minus Isabella and Cade) ready for Trick or Treat.
Showing off some of his candy. Lots of people mistook Malachi's costume to be Harry Potter...that would have worked too!

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J, H, A and M said...

I didn't realize that Malachi came up with the idea. That is one clever and observant little kid.
I laughed out loud at the picture of Spider Man mowing the yard. I laughed harder when I read that Elliott was afraid.