Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 Months Old

In the midst of all the holiday bustle, our littlest guy turned 3 months old! Jonas is such a sweet and easygoing baby. I don't know how much he currently weighs, but he's definitely eating well and growing - he's getting a little chubby! He's sleeping pretty well, usually only waking once for a middle of the night snack, and still naps various times during the day. He smiles easily and often and is starting to giggle more and more each day. Baby giggles are my absolute favorite sound in the whole world and I tear up each time one escapes...and then I try to get him to laugh more and more! He is mesmerized by his big brothers and they are usually the ones most often rewarded with smiles and laughs. Elliott is still pretty rough with him (I've recently caught him trying to shove a stick down Jonas' throat and sitting on top of Jonas, riding him like a horse), and Malachi still does his best to protect him. Even with all this chaos that is our home, Jonas rarely cries and seems content to just take it all in!

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