Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is Grandma Litter's 90th birthday!

We had a surprise birthday celebration on Sunday and about half of the family was able to come - mind you, that's over 30 people! We all showed up at church and she was definitely surprised as people kept filing in. The service was so nice, with songs chosen especially for her and an oportunity for people to say something to/about her. After church we all headed over to the Bell Tower for lunch, presents and cake.

The whole family worked on a special book full of pictures and memories written by each person. It was fun to see her open it and I'm sure it will be read through many times. I enjoyed reading the different memories that everyone contributed.

Happy birthday, Grandma Litter! You are such a special person to me and my whole family. I am so thankful for all the days I've been able to spend with you or just stop by your house for a quick visit. I love how excited my boys get each time we drive up your driveway and that I'm able to call on you occasionally when I need to drop them off somewhere for babysitting. I love seeing them sitting in your lap to look out the window and watch the birds. I love the stories of how you are the only person mom could leave me with when I was a baby - even though I cried for you too! I love how there is always something yummy to eat in your kitchen, especially when it's your vegetable or potato soups or your raisin-filled cookies. I love that my 90-year-old grandma picked my 5-year-old up from school last week when I was out of town. I love making apple butter at your house. I love getting parenting advice from you - you know how to handle just about any situation, from experience! I love that you still insist on riding the lawn mower and going fast. I love how your landscaping and flowers are always the most colorful and beautiful of any around. I love that your Bible is always open near your chair. I love that you always have a crochet project going even when your hands hurt, and that you share those with us as Christmas presents. I love your green zip-up shoes and sequined hat that you always wore to games when we were in high school. I love seeing you snuggle babies, especially mine. I love hearing all the wonderful things people have to say about you and knowing how special my grandma is to so many people. I love how you throw your head back and laugh when you find something really funny - Mom does the same thing. I love how Mom is so much like you. You're such a wonderful grandma and grammy and such a wonderful example of what a Christian woman should be. I love you!


Pa & T said...

The Litter family is very blessed!

J, H, A and M said...

What a beautiful post Erin. And what a remarkable granny. Happy Birthday Grandma Litter!