Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Happenings, Pt. 1

We've had a very busy and very fun Christmas break - as is probably obvious from my lack of posts! Our festivities began the Sunday before Christmas with Malachi participating in the children's choir and bell choir at church. He practiced his songs a lot while in the car and I'm pretty sure I could hear his voice in the crowd!

That same day after church we had the Litter family Christmas party at Grandma Litter's. We were missing quite a few people but still had a great time, complete with the traditional "walk-through," (Aunt Tweed sets up a video camera and tapes each of the families walking through one by one) and program. This year we each had an ornament that had a verse or saying written on it that we read and then put on Grandma's tree. Malachi even read his own this year!

GranMols has her hands full with these two!

Grammy Litter with her "September babies," Audrey and Jonas.

All the great-grandchildren that were present: Adeline, Audrey, Liza, Elliott, Jonas, Malachi, Walker, Grace and Oliver. Isn't it funny how our definition of a "good" picture changes when it involves lots of kids?!

Be sure to keep checking back this week - I'm promising the rest of our Christmas festivities!

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