Monday, January 23, 2012

Trip to Atlanta

This year I've made a commitment to not work (play) on the computer when the boys are awake. I don't want them to think whatever I'm doing on the internet is more important than they are and I want to set a good example of prioritizing for them. Besides, I'm realizing how quickly time is flying by and before I know it I'll have three boys in school and I'll be missing my babies at home! All that being said, naps and evenings are not quite long enough to get it all done and I'm a little behind on the blog. (Blame Pinterest for that!)Two weeks ago, Erik and I went to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart to buy things for the store. We took Melody (The Lloyd Company's amazing decorator) and Jonas along. Elliott was supposed to go also but got sick as we were walking out the door so he stayed with GranMols and Papaw instead. We were fortunate enough to stay with Uncle Scott and Aunt Cindy. Yaya (from TN) and Aunt Jessica (from FL) also made the trip to spend some time with us while we were there.Erik, Jessica and Becky spent the day together on Wednesday. They enjoyed some history and culture in downtown Atlanta while Melody, Jonas and I bought Christmas decorations for the store. Aunt Jennifer joined us for dinner on Wednesday evening at the Schade house. This picture was taken on Erik's phone and I couldn't figure out how to turn it. Sorry, Jennifer!On Thursday Erik joined us for his first experience of gift buying for the store. We met Becky and Jessica for lunch and then Jonas got to spend the afternoon with them while we finished up our buying - which was a welcome relief for my back and shoulders since the mart doesn't allow strollers and I had carried him the entire day Wednesday and all morning on Thursday!We had a very successful trip for the store and enjoyed every second with our family. Thank you to Yaya and Aunt Jessica for making the trip to be with Jonas (and us) and a HUGE thank you to Scott and Cindy for opening their house, fixing yummy food and even giving up their bed to accomodate all of us. You all are wonderful hosts and we hope to repay the favor sometime soon!

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