Monday, April 23, 2012

7 Months

Jonas is 7 months old (and I'm only one day late getting this post up)!
This month has been fun since Jonas can now sit unsupported and play. In fact, that's his new favorite thing to do which makes things a little easier when I have things that need to be done - like baking and decorating cakes! Although it doesn't look like it, our boy does NOT like to eat. Or at least he doesn't like baby food. He's getting better, but he's definitely pickier than either of his brothers ever were. He's still waking up once or twice every night. I probably should be trying the "cry-it-out" method by now, but it's so much easier to just nurse him and put him back in bed so that I can sleep. I may be kicking myself for this in the future, but I need to sleep too! Just in the last week or so he's been starting to wave and we've been trying to get him to clap but he just laughs at our attempts. He's such a sweet boy and we're enjoying all of his smiles and laughs!

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J, H, A, M and O said...

Oh do I ever know how you feel about the cry it out method. I agree with you. So much easier to get up and feed them.
He is getting so big! Love the blocks.