Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Day

We had a wonderful Easter day with our family in Tennessee. After we got home from church we did the obligatory photo shoot before anyone changed out of their nice clothes. My pictures didn't turn out great - Jessica, I'm counting on copies of all these from you!!

'Buelo, Yaya and the grandkids:

The Allsop and Brandt families:

The Schades, Jarretts and Allsops:

Our family:

Our boys couldn't wait to get their ties off (I forgot to take a picture of them in their cute outfits, we'll have a redo sometime soon!) and get into shorts and t-shirts. I think they take after their Daddy! We had a little time before lunch was ready so the kids got to have another egg hunt. Of course they wanted the same egg even though there were a lot of others around!

Thank you, Kevin and Becky, for hosting all of us. It was great to be together and make memories!

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