Monday, April 16, 2012


Malachi didn't have school on Monday after Easter and I wanted to do something fun and special. We decided to go to Aha!, the children's museum in Lancaster. We invited GranMols, Aunt Kelsey and all the cousins.
The first exhibit you see when you enter is the firetruck - and Elliott was in heaven! I think he probably spent 90% of his time playing here. He kept saying, "I drivin' way, Mama!" and "mine firetruck, mine fire."

Malachi's favorite exhibit was the water table. He had been anticipating it all morning and couldn't wait to play...and get soaking wet!

Adeline and Elliott are so funny together. They sometimes play really well, sometimes they bicker and fight the whole time. It was fun to see them cooperating so well on the ball tunnels.

I think Walker liked it all!
Oliver and Ellie (the little girl Kelsey babysits) playing in the baby area:Adeline must be watching her daddy work - she liked playing in the animal hospital!

I was going to skip over the face painting area, but GranMols is a lot more fun!

Whoever decided to use face paint that looks exactly like markers must be crazy. Or not have kids! Elliott is now having some trouble understanding that he can't write on his face with the markers in the boys' art supplies. Oh well. I guess that's the reason I buy washable markers!

Kimmy, you may want to watch out - Adeline LOVED painting her face and kept saying how beautiful she was!

I'm not sure if we (the adults) were brave or crazy, but a great time was definitely had by all!

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Pa & T said...

I vote for courageously crazy!