Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Circle S Farms

Okay, even though this happened a week ago, we had so much fun that I thought I should share! Last Wednesday, Erik, Malachi and I went to Circle S Farms in Grove City. They have a barn full of hay to play in (complete with a slide), a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch where Malachi chose his very own pumpkin to take home, some animals to see and pet, lots of places great for photos, a corn maze and a sunflower maze, and Malachi's favorite...the Scarecrow Cave. The Scarecrow Cave is really just a maze of hay bales stacked up with some fencing on top to close them in. We had a great time and will probably make a trip to Circle S an annual fall tradition!

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Anonymous said...

The kids and I went to something similar this past weekend. I'll send you some pics.
BTW, I LOVE reading your blog and looking at your pics!!!