Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photoshoot at the Falls

These are a few pictures from Malachi's second annual photoshoot at the falls (up Falls Road from our house). This has always been a favorite place of my family's for special photos, and I am lucky enough to have a sister who's a photographer and gives a great family discount! Kelsey did a great job, in spite of Malachi getting muddy and me falling while carrying him and bumping his head on a rock on the way down.

These are a few pictures I liked, but not my favorites...I'm saving those for gifts and Christmas cards!


kelseylloyd17 said...

My fav is the one where he looks like a tough guy holding that stick! ha sooo funny!


J, H and A said...

Very Very Cute! What a good looking family!

Sharp Family said...

he is truly the cutest thing... i swear he looks just like his "grandmoll"

Yaya said...

That is one good looking boy. I think he looks like his dad. :-) Kelsey, once again, a fabulous job. Erin, I hope you didn't hurt yourself.