Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Get Rid of Hiccups...

This past weekend Bainbridge celebrated the 41st annual Fall Festival of Leaves. Malachi was lucky enough to hang out with his Aunt Megan all weekend because I had to help out in the store. Now, according to Malachi (who got his information from Aunt Meg), the cure for hiccups is to eat cotton candy. Needless to say, he has a new favorite food (if you can classify cotton candy as food), a new favorite ride (the Dizzy Dragon) and a new favorite thing about living in Bainbridge (the festival).

We had a busy weekend at the store and a great visit with Aunt Meg. Tomorrow morning we'll be glad to drive through Bainbridge without detouring around the rides and food stands!


Cindy Schade said...

We love Malachi's hat, the baseball looking one.

Next time we have hiccups I might try dark chocolate with nuts instead of cotton candy!

Anonymous said...

The blue cotton candy works especially well in getting rid of those pesky hiccups!

I had a great time hanging with my most adorable, smart, funny little Malachi. I can't wait to do it again, although I can't promise that I can keep up with 2 kids next year!

Anonymous said...

Well Meg, I will hopefully be able to help you at the FFL next year. This is the first ever year for me to miss the FFL. But by next year I will be out of school and I am thinking somewhere close to home.