Saturday, October 11, 2008


Malachi has been taking Kindermusik class with Miss Kelly (Stauffer) at the Racquet Club in Chillicothe this Fall. He really likes the "School House" where he can experiment with crafts and play with various toys. October's theme is centered around creativity and construction.

He made a robot during craft time this week. He loves the singing and the games during class, too. He especially liked the "magic blanket" this week.

We also took a field trip last Friday to a pumpkin patch.
Malachi spent most of his time playing hide-and-seek, although he did stop long enough to pose for a few pictures.
Heather and I tried our hardest to get a cute picture of Malachi and Corinne, but this is the best I managed. It's really difficult to get two kids to cooperate and smile at the same time!

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