Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, One Last Time

Well, anyone who knows Megan knows that she likes to celebrate her birthday as long as possible. So, this year we did stretch it out for a whole weekend, and I must say we had an absolute blast. The grand finale of our trip was a visit to the Pittsburgh Glass Center and a two hour hands-on workshop creating our very own glass beads. The instructor began by saying that working with glass is addictive, and I must agree. I want to go back and make more!

Kelsey picked up our beads this week and said that some of them are really good. According to her, Mom's creations are the best! I'll post a couple pictures when I can.

Meg, I'm so glad we were able to celebrate you all weekend. I had a great time and hope that we can make "birthday trips" an annual Lloyd Girls tradition!

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Anonymous said...

I had an AWESOME birthday! Thanks, Lloyd girls. I nominate that we celebrate mom's birthday next year...something adventurous. Stay tuned friends, you are going to want to see this!