Friday, April 9, 2010

5 Months Old

Wow! 5 months have gone by already and our littlest man is growing up fast, weighing around 15 pounds and measuring 27 inches long! Elliott has figured out how fun it is to play with his feet and has gotten better at grabbing toys and passing them from one hand to the other. He's rolling all over the place, but refuses to bear any weight on his legs. He's eating rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, peas and carrots and will get to try some fruit soon. He doesn't seem to be afraid of strangers (yet?), and loves to smile and laugh at anyone and everyone he sees, especially Mommy, Daddy and Malachi. Elliott has definitely had a busy month. We found out he's not a huge fan of long car rides when he cried a lot on the way to and from Tennessee last weekend. In addition to visiting Yaya and 'Buelo for Easter, he went to the gift show with me to buy Christmas merchandise for the store, experienced his big brother's birthday party and participated in his first 5K - we walked part of the Mountain Goat race with the rest of the family. Hopefully we'll be able to find a way to keep him a little happier while in the car...we have a few important trips coming up soon!

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Megan Lloyd said...

Wait, wasn't that his second 5K? How long was the Turkey Trot?

Happy 5 months, Elliott. Such a sweet little thing. Can't wait for next weekend. Let's get that crying thing under control, buddy!