Thursday, April 22, 2010

Team Allsop at the Boston Marathon

What an appropriate sign:
Aunt Meg and Elliott waiting to cheer on some runners
Grandma Alice knitting to pass the time
'Buelo and Malachi practicing their racing alongside the course
The Lloyd sisters (and Elliott who was napping in his sling)
Erik's favorite runner, Ryan Hall, who came in 4th place and ran the fastest American time
Team Allsop getting ready
Aunt Laura, Grandpa Gene, Grandma Alice, Malachi, Elliott and Yaya
Aunt Laura - she did a great job of picking out a place for us to watch and getting us there. She also led a few of us to meet up with Erik after he finished...I don't know what we would have done without her expert planning and direction!
Our favorite runner - he even slowed down for some High-5s along the way!
Erik finished with a time of 3:09:36 and placed 2,594th out of 22,540 runners. We're so proud of him!


hayleyash said...

How makes me want to start running, then again, maybe not.

Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

Huh, I kinda thought that I was Erik's favorite runner...

Megan Lloyd said...

A special shout out to our chauffeur--mom. It doesn't look like she made the cut in any of the pictures. Did you "cut her off your team" in the words of Malachi?

Pa & T said...

Wow! What a great achievement!!! Now when Erik runs down Falls Road, I can say "there goes that Boston Marathon guy". I think we should get a sign on the Bainbridge city limits sign to recognize him. He has to be as famous as the first dental school.

Erik, Erin, Malachi and Elliott said...

Mom - you will be appearing in an upcoming post. I definitely did not forget about you or mean to exclude you. You did a great job getting us to and from Boston safely and as quickly as possible. Plus we had a lot of fun along the way!