Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Billy Goat Champion!

That's right, last Saturday Erik won the Mountain Goat 5K Foot Derby in Kingsport, TN, and was named the 2010 Billy Goat Champion! The Allsops/Brandts made quite a statement!

And they're off!

A look at the smallest of three hills on the course.

Erik's finish: 19:39. First place overall!

Kevin's finish - first place Men 54-63.

Austin's finish - first place Boys under 13.

Mike's finish - third place Men 34-43.

Whitney's finish - first place Girls under 13.
Elliott - our future runner.
Way to go runners!

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Megan Lloyd said...

If Elliott is the future runner, by the looks of the photos, Malachi is a future cheerleader! :)