Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Day

Last Saturday was a very busy day for the Allsops. Malachi had his first swimming class in the morning. He was so excited and did a great job, although afterwards he told me he didn't like swimming class because it was too short! It looks like we'll be going up to Knisley's to use the pool this summer (if that's okay with you, Jackie!).
After swimming, Malachi and I went to the ballpark for the Meet the Team activities. They had a jump castle and other blowup games to play on, a fish fry, some Little League games and then introduced all the T-ball teams. Erik is coaching the Dodgers again and Malachi is number 5.
Finally, the boys and I went to the Bell Tower to make desserts for some special dinner guests. Mom was cooking dinner for a few of the students from church before their prom, so I made the girls little cakes in the shapes of dresses and the guys got tuxedo brownies. Here are Melanie and Austin and Doug and Kayla showing them off.


Megan Lloyd said...

Your little cakes turned out great! I bet they loved them.

Sharp Family said...

O my gosh Erin! Those little cakes are so cute!!! I hope your ready for "1 year" birthday cakes soon! You do such an amazing job!!! cute pics of Malachi swimming!

Pa & T said...

The pool will be open as soon as turkey season is over. Then, you all come!!! King kong will want to see everyone.