Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas in Tennessee

The day after Christmas we were lucky enough to make the trip down to Tennessee and spend a few days with Erik's side of the family. As always it was a lot of fun to be together with everyone. In fact, the whole family minus Laura and Meck (we missed you!) was there.

One afternoon Yaya had a special activity for the kids - to make musical instruments and put on a show for the adults. They had fun using beans, rice, cardboard tubes, plastic tubs, construction paper, and various other supplies to create their music-makers. Malachi then named their show the Music Station and they planned and practiced their songs. It was a lot of fun seeing them work together and perform for us.
It wouldn't be a trip to 'Buelo and Yaya's without a hike on the agenda, so of course we worked one in. Our hike was really more of a walk around a frozen lake but with Malachi in tow I think that was more than enough "hiking" for all of us!
After the hike the kids got a chance to play on the playground for a few minutes in spite of the cold temps. Malachi practiced his snowball throwing skills, Cindy and Whitney had a contest to see who could swing the highest and even Grandpa Gene started to head up the jungle gym to try out the slides!
After seeing Malachi fly off the end of this slide I think Grandpa Gene was glad he decided against trying it!
Elliott decided to hang out with Aunt Jessica in the warm house instead of going on the hike. Or maybe I decided that for him? Either way, Aunt Jessica was happy about having extra time with her nephew!
I think Austin had fun with his cousin too!
What better way to warm up after a cold hike than to read a good book together!

Because of the battery dying on my camera, I don't have pictures of all the other fun things we did together. Oh well. Thank you all for such a wonderful time together and for playing with, reading to, caring for, etc. our boys. They love spending time with each of you and that makes me happy. We love you!

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