Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days!

Erik's pretty sure the snow is never going to stop here, and based on what it's been like the last couple of days he may be right! Everything is white and beautiful. And cold. Very cold. But, we didn't let that stop us! Malachi, Elliott, GranMols and I went sledding yesterday and Erik joined all of us today.

Elliott is not one to be outdone, so of course he had to try a solo trip just like his big brother. He loved it and immediately started crawling back up the hill for more. Don't worry, we didn't make him crawl all the way up by himself!

GranMols may or may not have crashed into the barn on her very first run yesterday, hence the helmet today. She also may or may not have suffered a slight concussion, but thankfully she shielded Malachi from any harm at all!

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Pa & T said...

Your mother should remember one of the last time the Knisley kids went sled riding at her house-Matt has the stiches as evidence.