Monday, December 20, 2010

Bell Choir

At church yesterday the children's bell choir performed a few Christmas songs. Because of the layout in the room where we have Connection (the service we attend), the kids had to stand in the very front with their backs to the audience. Because of that I was unable to get any pictures of Malachi. So I stole the following pictures off a friend's Facebook page to show you how Malachi did while performing in the main sanctuary!
Malachi is not in this first picture, but I absolutely love the looks on Lucas' and Isaac's faces!
As you can see, Malachi is pretty serious about playing his bell. When GranMols complimented him on doing such a good job he told her that he "actually made two mistakes!" Perfectionist?
Because of where I was sitting, I was unable to see Malachi playing at all. Erik, being the wonderful husband he is, knew how disappointing this would be for me and decided to sneak up to the stage and try to catch a little video for me. It isn't great (Erik had to squeeze behind the drum set and video from there!) but you can see Malachi playing a little!
The bell choir will be performing one more time at the 5:00 service on Christmas Eve. Malachi would love for you to join us!

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