Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

We are all decorated for Christmas! Malachi really wanted to take a picture of our tree, so here's his picture:The lights are my job - gotta have as many as possible!Malachi was excited about the "new" toys.Erik and Malachi hung most of the ornaments. It's safe to safe the tree is a bit bottom-heavy!
New pajamas is one of my favorite traditions.
The boys are already so excited for this Christmas, which makes me that much more so!


Pa & T said...

Love the P.J.'s!!

Cassidy Dawn said...

Awesome shot Malachi!!

Sharp Family said...

cute post! those boys are just too sweet! what a cute little family! i love your "believe" above your tv! beautiful job!

Whitney said...

I swear, Megan prompts me to blog stalk, but my comments are genuine: 1. Your boys are so cute and happy!! 2. I love your PJs tradition and totally want to steal the idea! and 3. When are you going to start selling your advent trees?? I want one!