Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Week - Birthday Celebrations

For some reason I've had too much going on lately (surprised?) and I got ahead of myself with my posts. So, to correct things a bit, this week's posts will go back a couple weeks to Thanksgiving week. Erik's parents (Yaya and 'Buelo to the boys), sister (Aunt Jessica) and her family (Uncle Mike, Austin and Whitney) all made the trip to Ohio to celebrate with us. This was our 2nd annual Thanksgiving in Ohio together - and we all had a wonderful time.

To kick the celebrations off, we had a late birthday celebration for Elliott (November 4th) and Whitney (November 8th) when they all arrived on Wednesday evening. I think Whitney enjoyed her special decorations and Elliott enjoyed the extra attention!

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Sharp Family said...

another awesome cake!! Erin, i can't keep up with your blog.... slow down! haha