Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Latest Project

I've always loved Advent calendars and have been looking for one for our family for the past few years but hadn't found one that I really liked. Then I saw this one in my Pottery Barn Kids catalogue this year. I really liked it but was not about to spend $69 to get it!
So, I made my own version of it!
It only cost about $14 and 4 hours to make, and I loved every minute of it - especially those when the boys were either asleep or playing with their daddy!

As if the satisfaction of being creative and crafty wasn't already enough, you should have seen Malachi's excitement when I explained to him how it all works! Now I just have to fill in the rest of the empty pockets!


Pa & T said...

You are so talented, Erin. I love the advent tree. Someday when your kids are older you will wonder how you got all that stuff done with two kids under your feet.

hayleyash said...

So, can I pay you for one of those? For real?! How crafty!

Sharp Family said...

malachi looks like blake in that pic! wow! great and amazing job on the advent tree! pottery barn is much too expensive but with a little craftiness you can make just about anything they sell! it looks great!

Megan Lloyd said...

Heidi-you are so right. Malachi does look like Blake in that pic!

You need to post instructions on how you did your advent tree. Or sell a pattern! It looks awesome!

J, H, A and M said...

I was one of the suckers who bought the Pottery Barn version. You are better than me.

It is a hit at our house. We put a little mouse in it this year to move from pocket to pocket. Much easier than finding something to fill each pocket.

Erik, Erin, Malachi and Elliott said...

GREAT idea, Heather! I may have to try that next year!