Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Week - Austin and Whitney

One of my absolute favorite parts of having everyone together at our house over Thanksgiving was watching the cousins play together. Austin is 12 1/2 and Whitney is 10, so it would be very easy for them to be annoyed by their little cousins (Malachi is 4 1/2 and Elliott is 1). But, let me just brag on my nephew and niece a little - they are amazing with little kids!

Austin really liked playing with Elliott...even when Elliott was trying to body slam him and wrestle!
He also made a new buddy on Thursday, Adeline, who played with him almost the entire evening!
Whitney was a big helper with Elliott. She would get him up from naps, change his clothes (I can't remember if she tackled any dirty diapers or not!), play with him and feed him as often as she was able.
And Malachi was practically attached to her hip the entire time!

Austin and Whitney - thank you for being such awesome big cousins! The boys can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

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Team Brandt said...

Now if only Austin and Whitney would be so good with EACH OTHER, I'd be golden! Since that won't happen, I'm really proud of how good they were with their cousins. Thanks for this post!