Monday, December 13, 2010

Break Dancing and Other Moves

I was trying to get a better video of Elliott's newest trick - break dancing - but decided to go ahead and put this one up per Kelsey's request. Since she is now ONE WEEK overdue I figured she needed something to brighten her day. And, who knows? Maybe she'll laugh enough that the little booger will decide to come out and play with his/her cousins!!

Here's another short video of him. It's funniest when he really gets going fast, but unfortunately I haven't caught that on film yet!


Throne's said...

Thanks! That was really funny. He is just full of tricks these days. I think my baby is just waiting till it is two or so to come out.


Blake, Kimberly, and Adeline said...

That is too funny! Maybe he can show Adeline some new moves!

hayleyash said...

Too cute!